Seochon Artistic tour

Seochon, located on the west side of Gyeongbokgung, has been

known as The Artist’s Village. During the 14th century, Seochon

was the living quarters of poets, painters, craftsmen who were

somewhere between upper class and commoners. 

Today, old hanoks and guesthouse are being transformed into

galleries, museums and cafes. If you’re a gallery hopper, 

you will be spoiled for choices.

Seochon is also a labyrinth of speakeasy bars, local restaurants,

petite and hidden cafes. 

Tongin Market is one of our favorite spot  to venture as the sights

of food will sure fill your tummy to the brim.

After discovering the residential side of Seochon, you will get to 

see the Blue House, the office and residence of president. 

The beautiful backdrop of Bukhasan Mountain and North Gate of

Gyeongbok Palace compliments the structure of the Blue House.

Meeting point location

Gyengbokgung station,

Seoul Subway line 3 

and Exit 4.

Tour course

Tongin Market, Daeo Bookstore, 

Park No-Soo Museum, Numerous

 old alleyways 


60 minutes



4 – 6 child

under 4 years

45,000 KRW

25,500 KRW