Let's ride pedicab with us!

It's tomorrow if it's fun!

Tomorrow we're making with ArteeRiders.

01. Responsibility

As long as you are dedicated to your mission and keeping

 responsibility, We will provide you the working environment 

with the full of freedom. But please keep in mind the rules 

and responsibility we have agree at the first place.

02. Autonomy

Riding a pedicab is such a independent mission. 

We will require you to make precise decisions at any moments. 

We are here to support you to solve problems and to be 

better off as a pedicab rider.

03. Respect and tolerance

We will respect your personality, own perspective, orientation,

 wherever you from. We will provide you the working space that 

you can be yourself and can show who you are. 

We hope you show us your maximum ability in this field. 

But keep in mind that you have to do your best to earn this.